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Newspaper Article – ignore the picture….please…

There was a very kind article about me and my medical practice. It also touched upon the charity I have worked with for the past 7 years.
Please ignore the picture. Pleeeeeaaase ignore the picture…

I hope everyone is having a grand holiday season.

I am working on a blog on WEIGHT LOSS – this always seems to be on the minds of people around this time of year, but it is requiring more research than I anticipated!

Good Health!

Dr Mike

“The Dawn Must Come” won 2nd place in the ISFIC writing contest!

I entered a short story in the ISFIC (Illinois Science Fiction in Chicago) Science Fiction writing contest and it won 2nd place!  A little bit like kissing your sister, but it’s better than not winning 2nd place, eh?  They just called to be sure I will be at the event where they will be handing out the prizes.

If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to read the story, it’s very short:


Dr, Mike

What doctors wish patients knew…turnabout time!

Did you ever wonder what goes through the mind of your physician when you see him/her?  I mean, they are people too!  They have all the foibles and pet peeves of “regular people”, they just happen to have a very in-depth education about a very big topic!  Being smart does not make them perfect.  Far from it.  Doctors get frustrated by patients as often as you probably get frustrated with your doctor.

The following is a list of things that doctors wish patients knew.  It is not a wicked diatribe against patients.  Far from it.  The vast majority of patients are lovely people.  I am actually blessed with a patient population that I feel must be the envy of doctors everywhere.  They are bright, inquisitive and well-informed.  They take part in their own healthcare, and put effort into their well-being.  My “problem patients” are such a small minority that I have no reason to complain.  I’m a truly blessed and lucky physician in this context.

So what do doctors wish patients knew?  I’m glad I asked!!   Read more…

Third Time is the Charm! Television Interview #3.

I was honored to be asked back to the Contempo television show for a third time.  This time, to speak about Preventive Care.  You know, all those pesky screening tests we need to be doing to prevent illness!  I had actually blogged about it (here: so it was a great opportunity to let people know what they should get done, when and how much it would help them!  Roberta Markbreit was the interviewer, and she was lovely as always!  She also had some questions about health care systems in other countries, so we talked about that a little bit too!

So, when is it showing?  I’m glad I asked!! Read more…

Critical Thinking – A Lost Art Form

“All rules have exceptions, but don’t make your rules by the exceptions”

- Dr Michael Unger

What is critical thinking?  I’m glad I asked! Read more…

Vaccine Update Part 3 – The study connecting autism to the MMR vaccine was intentional fraud.

Yes folks, you heard it here.

The original article in the medical journal Lancet has been exposed as an intentional fraud.  The lead investigator was paid nearly 1 million dollars to “find” a connection between autism and the MMR vaccine, so that lawsuits could be brought to bear on the drug companies. Read more…

Influenza Discovery!

A quick blog, because I’m practically beaming…

In my blog on Influenza (, I made some final “non-scientific” remarks, mentioning that I thought it was possible that the influenza vaccine might grant cross-protection with other strains of the flu virus.  As it turns out, I was right!  It’s always fun to be right, especially when people’s health is concerned!

Here is a link to the article (, showing that some people who were infected with the H1N1 Swine flu now have “Super Antibodies” to many forms of influenza, including all of the forms from the last decade and the Super Flu Epidemic of the 1918 Flu and even one form of the H5N1 Avian flu!

This has led scientists to start working on a “Super Flu Vaccine” that might grant protection from all possible strains of the flu!

So, what is the take home message?  I’m glad I asked!

Get your Flu Shots.  They might just be the secret weapon against the big super flu epidemic of the future!

Good Health!

Dr Mike


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