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A New Journey…

March 7, 2010

I love technology.

Love gadgets.

I am an “Early Adopter”.

So why is this my first attempt at blogging, when blogging has been around for a decade or more?

I think, honestly, because I didn’t think I had anything to say that people wanted or needed to hear.  Why did my opinion matter to anyone?  Why would my words have meaning to people who don’t know me from a hole in the wall?  Then I realized that people care a great deal what you have to say when you have a specific knowledge-set that is hard to obtain.  People pay me money every day to “hear what I have to say”, as a physician.  Friends, daily, request my opinion on medical matters…because I have this specific knowledge base.

So, I’m going to share.  (I was always taught you are supposed to share).

Whenever the spirit moves me, or specific topics become popular, I will post my thoughts on medically related topics.  I may stray occasionally into other realms, when this same spirit moves me in those directions, but largely this will be a mechanism for me to share evidence-based, scientifically validated, medical knowledge.


This blog is not meant to replace medical care, or proper consultation with your medical professional.  I will not be responding in the comments section, but I do hope substantial discussion occurs there!

Good Health!

Dr Mike


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