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Jumping on the bandwagon…or back on it?

May 29, 2010

When I was a little kid, growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I was a huge Chicago Cubs/Bears/Hawks fan.  I was also a Chicago White Sox fan, but not quite as avidly.  The Chicago Blackhawks, back then, were on TV often too late at night for me to watch.  I would try to sneak the tiny 6″ Black and White TV that my brother and I shared in our bedroom (we shared a room) to watch it under my covers with a plug-in ear phone.  I was a huge fan of the Hawks back in the 70s, circa Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Dennis Hull, Tony Espisito, Keith Magnuson and Dale Tallon.

Then, of course, the team fell on poor ownership, the games were no longer shown on TV and my fandom waned.  I’m not sure I watched more than a dozen games between 1980 and 2005, and the Hawks were mismanaged into being a team that probably was not worth watching.

Then the owner of the team died and his son, Rocky Wirtz, took over.  He dedicated himself to bringing the team back to greatness.  The aforementioned Dale Tallon, a player in the 70s, made some shrewd draft picks as the general manager of the team.  Suddenly, the Hawks have been transformed into a young, aggressive and talented team.  Designed to be good for years to come, the Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup final and are threatening to win the Cup for the first time in over 40 years.

I’m watching again.  Loving it again.

Granted, I’m watching on a 60″ High Definition screen instead of a grainy 6″ Black and White screen, but I’m not entirely sure I didn’t enjoy it even more on that little 6″ screen.

So, I seem to be “jumping on the bandwagon”, a term used to describe fair-weather fans who only follow a team when they are doing well.  It is a term used in derision by “true fans” who follow their team through thick and thin.

I prefer to think that I am jumping back on the bandwagon, as I was a die-hard fan for about 10 years, those many years ago.

Another medical blog will be forthcoming, when I can come up with a topic that people want to read about.  Until then, watch some hockey, and cheer for the Hawks!

Dr Mike


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  1. Tom Russell permalink

    The 6″ TV was a lot more fun…the thrill of getting caught by your parents, watching it to late into the evening!

  2. My Dad was a big Blackhawks fan and would occasionally take me to a game.
    We were in the old “Barn” in the cheap seats about 5 rows from the top.
    As a young man, I expandrf my vocabulary considerably by listening to a very drunk and rowdy crowd…..

  3. Scott Unger permalink

    I wish I had that 6 inch Black and White TV with the Atari hooked up to it.
    That thing was the BOMB!

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