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Vaccine Autism Debate – Part 2, the follow up

September 13, 2010

A new study in the respected medical journal, Pediatrics, has found no connection between the preservative Thimerosal and autism.  Many of the vaccine naysayers pointed to Thimerosal as the autism culprit when multitudes of studies showed no connection between autism and vaccines.  All studies on Thimerosal have failed to show a link.  This new one is the biggest one of the bunch.What did the study look for?  I’m glad I asked!

Then study evaluated infants who had been exposed to the highest and lowest concentrations of Thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative that was in many vaccines up until 1999.  Since that time, the FDA methodically removed Thimerosal from all vaccines given to children age 6 or younger, even though there was no evidence that the preservative was to blame for autism.

The study found no differences in the rate of autism in the two groups.  The infants who had been exposed to the highest levels of Thimerosal had no higher a chance of getting autism than the infants which had been spared exposure to the preservative, or had been exposed to very low levels of it.  This backs up previous studies which found the same thing.

Take home message: Vaccinate your children.  There is no scientifically-based reason not to.  Vaccines represent the single most important medical thing you will do for your children to allow them to live long, happy and healthy lives!

A link to an article about the study:

There have been several of these “updates” to my original blog about the vaccine debate.  Please feel free to read them, but read the original blog first since it was much more all-encompassing (some might say…uhm…wordy!)

Wow.  Look at that.  Only 300 words (the crowd breathes a sigh of relief).

Good Health!

Dr Mike


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  1. Hi Dr. Seuss

    1. For some reason, the links above are malformed, with an extra is being inserted.

    “A link to the article about the study” should be

    “A link to my original blogs about vaccines” should be

    If your readers would like more information on the study, with responses by other physicians and researchers, I am keeping a list:

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